Crustirons, handmade bike tire belts

Crustirons were born in June 2013 out from the passion for bicycles as a sustainable alternative in an urban environment, linked to the “Do It Yourself” ethic and to the eco-sustainable concept of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We give a second life to bike tires by turning them into useful objects as belts.

Crustirons made only belts in the beginning, but lately we incorporated a new range of products recovered from both bikes and motorcycles (disk brakes, pinions, disks, …).

Why the name “Crustirons”?

I’ve been very involved in underground music since the 90s, and there is a musical genre called Crust. My friends started calling me Crusty, and that name stuck.

I mixed my nickname with the word “cinturons” (that’s Catalan for belts), and so the word Crustirons came up.